Why a Free Air Conditioning Estimate is in Your Best Interest? Pasco

  • It’s good advice to arrange for 3-5 free quotes when shopping for a new AC unit, because service call fees will get expensive.
  • Each contractor will bring new information and generate new questions for you.
  • Reinterview your two favorites and negotiate the best price.
  • A lot of factors go into a proper air conditioning system replacement, so make sure you get all of the facts through several interviews.
  • This Process will guarantee you to get the best deal!

But wait, a new ac system quote isn’t really FREE, is it?

Yes it is! Our air conditioning or ductwork quote is free. We simply request feedback on your decision so we can continue to improve our HVAC estimate process and provide an excellent customer experience, besides that FREE!


Should you replace ductwork with new residential air conditioner installation?

Just because your air conditioner system needs replacing does not necessary justifying replacing the HVAC system ductwork. During your HVAC system replacement quote your ductwork should be evaluated. Examining ductwork will consider ducts age and condition, your feedback on a hot room, and compatibility of your current duct system design and new A/C equipment specs tobe installed. If this is your first homes air conditioner replacement then then the homes ductwork is most likely good to go. Modification may be needed if installing high seer air conditioner causing ductwork modification to accommodate air flow. A hot room may require return duct installation. Old ductwork replacement at time of install is a conversion we will provide options for.

How to replace your air conditioning system, without making these costly mistakes.

1. Choose a company that has 24 hour service.
  • The most likely time to find your air conditioner down is when you come home after a long workday or on the weekend when you have guests.
  • Knowing your new ac system contractor will be there for you when you need them is very important!
  • We suggest calling your HVAC replacement contractor late in the evening or on the weekend to see if you can get through.
2.Avoid companies that only sell AC equipment, but lack a strong service department.
  • All companies claim to provide great service but put them to the test.
  • Call your prospective HVAC replacement contractors from an alternate phone and explain that you have a 2-year-old system which should still be under manufacturer warranty.
  • If they don’t schedule you a service call in timely manner, RUN!
  • Do not hire an HVAC installation contractors without a strong service departments. What if the machine they sell you fails under warranty?
  • Wait for follow up calls from new ac system contractors and if no one calls back question their ability to service you in the future.
3. The old adage that, “You get what you pay for,” is especially true for an air conditioning quote.
  • An A/C system change-out is one of the more expensive home repairs/improvements that most homeowners experience.
  • You are likely to have “sticker shock” and the lowest bid may be very attractive, but beware of several terrible cost cutting methods.
  • Pulling a permit can add 15-20% to the cost of the ac installation but it’s for your protection. The permit will be inspected by the county to make sure that everything is installed up to code. Make sure the same company name is in all three places: Invoice, Permit, Installing Crew.
  • Many contractors cut corners on permits, insurance, licensing, etc.
    All estimates you receive should have contractor license number that can be verified HERE DBPR
4. Check online reviews!.
  • Before choosing an air conditioning contractor, make sure that the company holds a good rapport among customers and has proven history of quality and timely services.
  • Confirm with Better Business Bureau that the company history of complaints and lawsuits and offered resolutions.
  • Check all third-party review sites such as: Google, Yelp, & Angie’s List to gather up your facts regarding the contractor performance and customer service.
5. Ask for a detailed air conditioning replacement proposal.
  • A detailed HVAC installation proposal is a sign of a quality contractor, reflecting that they are willing to back up their offer and stand behind the guarantees made.
  • Be cautious of ac replacement proposals with unreasonable disclaimers before you sign.
  • Disclaimers can be hidden in watermark writing on back of the contract, or link to a web page with a disclaimers list. Some disclaimers are nasty holding your home insurance responsible before the contractor’s general liability.
  • Ask for an insurance certificate made out in your name and address. Do not choose a company with minimum coverage.
6. A contractor should have in-depth knowledge about your Air Conditioning System Warranties and its installation
  • Ask what the contractor does above what is required by the permit process.
  • Discuss who will schedule permit, many times the worst part of new A/C system install, definitely better if you contractor takes care of contacting county and you for appt and every time it’s needed.
  • Find out if you or the contractor will register your Manufacturer parts warranty or if you have to. We see so many sad cases where a simple registration would and save big bucks.
  • Ask about labor warranty, how long is it?, is it through contractor or other company?, what type of maintenance is required to maintain it?, Does it need to be registered? What parts are included not covered by manufacturer warranty? (freon, t-stat, breakers, & etc)
7. Your contractor should have knowledge of the newest developments in equipment, technology and design procedures.
  • The best free ac quote will help you choose an efficient and reliable system that works best for you and your family needs.
  • Top air conditioning replacement contractors will help you determine if your home is prone to indoor air pollution problems which may affect health and comfort of your family.
  • The ideal HVAC installation contractor for you will be trained in the techniques for recovering, reclaiming and disposing of used refrigerant.

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