Free Virtual Service Call

Hot 2 Cold Virtual Appointments

The next time your a/c unit seems to stop working correctly consider a virtual appointment
before spending time and money to have a technician come to your home.

Huh? What is a virtual a/c appointment?

Did you know 4-5 out of 10 service calls are fixed without parts or special tools! How can this be so?

Oftentimes an a/c unit can seem to be broken, but in fact it’s not. First, here in Tampa Bay we get a load of surges. Surges can come from storms, construction, power outages, or aging
power lines. Sometimes these surges can reset your thermostat or trip the a/c breaker.
If the thermostat or breakers don’t need attention then the problem could be the air filter(s). The filter(s) on the a/c unit are in place to keep the inside unit as clean as possible. When the
filter(s) aren’t changed often enough they can become so dirty the airflow is cut off. This can cause the system to freeze over or stop working.

Sometimes the system’s condensate drain line gets clogged. When this happens you hopefully have a water sensor, or float switch to protect the home. A float switch is a safety device
designed to turn off the a/c when the drain clogs. Whenever the drain becomes it can normally be cleared using a wet/dry vacuum, or shop vac.

So, before you spend the time and money (normally $79-$159!) on a service call let’s see if the unit can be “fixed” virtually. Call us up at (813)580-8800 and ask for your FREE Virtual Estimate. Once the appointment time is set text us a few pictures. Send us photos of the inside and outside unit labels, photos of the units, and a picture of the thermostat. Here are some
examples of what we need:

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