Tappan has always stood for tough, smart appliances. In fact, Tappan’s reputation for durability started in the late 1880s with cast iron stoves, and from there, grew across many home appliances. So it’s only natural that Tappan central heating and cooling products live up to being “Tappan Tough” and provide you with durable performance. We understand the importance of protecting your family against the hottest and coldest of days.

As you know, to live up to the reputation of being tough and durable, you have to be built to exacting standards. So, we start with durable components and proven technology for reliability. Then, we manufacture Tappan heating and cooling products in a quality-controlled process called Demand Flow Technology. While most manufacturers test their products at random, we test each and every furnace, heat pump and air conditioner we manufacture, this way we know for sure when furnace repairs are needed. In fact, each product goes through our “check, check and recheck” process at every station during the manufacturing processes. To give you an example of what that means, our gas furnaces are checked about 234 times while our air conditioners are checked about 144 times.

And to eliminate human error in the final analysis, our quality control station performs 100% computer automated testing. Because of the great confidence we have in our manufacturing process and our product’s performance, we think anyone who hires a heating contractor and purchases a cooling system should feel the same way. That’s why we back these products with a remarkable Warranty and Tappan Tough Quality Pledge.

We are the first and only certified DFT manufacturer for heating and cooling products, and are proud to manufacture all our Tappan Central Heating and Cooling products in the USA. In the final balance, we stand behind quality workmanship because we do more to stand and watch over it.

Warranty Information