AC Installation

What You Need to Know When Buying an Air Conditioning Unit

Why a free Air-Conditioning estimate is in your best interest?

  • It’s good advice to arrange for 3-5 free quotes when shopping for a new AC unit because service call fees will get expensive.
  • Each contractor will bring new information and generate new questions for you.
  • Reinterview your two favorites and negotiate the best price.
  • A lot of factors go into a proper air-conditioning system replacement, so make sure you get all of the facts through several interviews before hiring residential air-conditioning services. It can be something as simple as a few shoulder bolts and by answering a few questions you can have your problem solved quickly!
  • This Process will guarantee you to get the best deal!

But wait, “free estimates” aren’t really FREE, are they?

Yes they are! At Hot 2 Cold, we simply request feedback on your decision so we can continue to improve and provide excellent customer experience, besides that FREE.

How to replace your air-conditioning system, without making these costly mistakes.