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AC broken? Need advice? Fallow steps below.

  • What to do before calling a service tech? DIY watch video below

  • Free Virtual Services Call

  • $79 Service Call

  • Free Estimates on replacement for AC installation

Yes! Well, the solution is to give Hot 2 Cold a call. An experienced AC or HVAC technician is available to answer you questions. We have a professional team providing complete HVAC and AC solutions for air conditioning in Tampa.

Hot 2 Cold’s HVAC technicians take pride in presenting you with all options to repair and service your air conditioner or heat pump. The technician will visit to check the HVAC unit to determine the technical problem and then will suggest the best solution to repair it.

DIY AC Repair video before scheduling air conditioning service in Tampa.

DIY AC Repair video before scheduling air conditioning service in Tampa.

We provide a range of options for air conditioning repair in Tampa.

  • Several options for repair are fully explained
  • Dependable HVAC and AC replacement and repair services
  • Professional technicians provide air conditioner repair services.
  • Quick customer service helpline; many have HVAC and AC knowledge; affordable AC repair services

For any issues with your air conditioning system, we provide support:

  • an empty blank thermostat
  • sudden failure or crash
  • Unable to function outside unit
  • Issues with a frozen coil or faulty operation and low airflow
  • If the cooling system cannot keep up with the heat in Tampa Bay
  • There is no air conditioning in every room.
  • clearing an HVAC drain line clog
  • repairing refrigerant leaks in the HVAC
  • Yearly AC upkeep

Hence, whether the AC unit malfunctions or the outside unit, annual maintenance is required! For the best service and solution in Tampa, get in touch with us.

Air conditioning Serivces

10 Tips for Finding a Reputable Air Conditioning Service in Tampa, Florida

Tampa Bay, you may have had hard times when choosing an AC contractor turned out to be a mistake, and getting the work done turned out to be nothing short of a nightmare. This time, we suggest you read the following advice in order to get the best contractor who serves your interests at a reasonable cost.

Check the company’s track record of delivering high-quality services on schedule to determine whether it has a strong reputation among customers before choosing an Air Conditioning Contractor. Consult the Hillsborough County BBB and any associated state or local organizations to confirm the company’s history of complaints and given resolutions.

Verify all independent review websites, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Get information about the customer service and service performance of the contractor.

Always request a thorough written proposal with multiple choices. A reputable contractor will have a thorough written proposal that shows they are willing to support their offer and stand by the promises they make.

Your Tampa HVAC contractor must show up on time, be courteous, and be flexible with your schedule.

If you ask some of the AC company’s past local Tampa customers for their feedback, you can make better decisions.

A contractor for air conditioning should be well-versed in equipment maintenance and repair tasks and knowledgeable about how to design and install a new system that complies with your needs.

The most recent developments in Heatpump equipment, technology, and design approaches should be known to your HVAC service professionals as this expertise can assist you in selecting a reliable and efficient system.

Choose an AC company to help you determine whether the home has issues with interior air pollution that could impair residents’ comfort and health.

Whether or not your heat pump contractor is trained and certified in the proper techniques for recovering, recycling, reclaiming and disposing of used refrigerant.

A good contractor lets customer know how to care for their furnace system on a day-to-day basis.

If you looking for a reliable company/contractor to offer the best Install HVAC in Hillsborough, just give a call to Hot 2 Cold and get the best assistance for all your cooling needs. Please call Hot 2 Cold and bring old air conditioning units back to life.

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Fix or replace your air conditioning unit?  Service or Estimate

Top-rated service and repair company Hot 2 Cold is located in Tampa, Florida. Our service technicians are real technicians who work for a pay rather than on commission. They won’t upsell, but they will provide you options for repairs, services, or upkeep. Service is included with repair and costs $79 or $1 (for maintenance club members). If the unit cannot be fixed and an estimate for a new HVAC system is required, the service technician will arrange for a comfort advisor to come out and take over, explain new installation alternatives, and walk you through the procedure. (Our technicians offer repairs, not prices.)

If you’re unsure, you might want to try our complimentary virtual service call, or Hot 2 Cold would be happy to assist if you’re thinking about replacing your HVAC system.

Depending on your goals and the construction of your home the solutions will include:

Virtual Troubleshooting for Tampa Air Conditioning

  • Hot 2 Cold offers a free and virtual air conditioner service call Free Virtual Service Call.
    This proves to be helpful for DIY customers who need air conditioning repair.
    Phone Troubleshooting may save the need for a service call when you need an air conditioner repair Tampa FL.

Contact us Tampa Bay for Air Conditioning Repair for these HVAC issues

  • When AC crashes suddenly
  • When the outside unit is not functional
  • Issue with the airflow or frozen coil
  • AC doesn’t cool enough
  • A clogged drain line
  • To repair refrigerant leak
  • No air conditioning in all locations
  • Annual maintenance

If you’re looking for a reliable Tampa air conditioning repair company/contractor then call Hot 2 Cold and get quality assistance on the same day of your call. Please call Hot 2 Cold and get timely air conditioner repair Tampa FL services.

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Great explanations!

Review of Hot 2 Cold

Brennan was an awesome help in fixing our AC issues. Explained what he thought was wrong and the possible fixes to help the AC run as long as possible. He was very polite and completed everything pretty quick.

TampaFL33615 28.015-82.57

Map of Tampa, FL 33647

Excellent service.

Review of Hot 2 Cold

TampaFL33647 28.1675-82.3

Map of Apollo Beach, FL 33572


Review of Hot 2 Cold

Your technician was super and very helpful I am still waiting for quotes Pl send

Apollo BeachFL33572 27.785-82.37

Map of Tampa, FL 33602

Received quote for a replacement ac

Review of Hot 2 Cold

James was very knowledgeable and answers all questions

TampaFL33602 27.9475-82.4475

Map of Tampa, FL 33607

Excellent service and very nice

Review of Hot 2 Cold

I had Brennan Gibson show to my house and not only double check that everything was fine with my AC, but also took the time to explain how to better use it while it’s so hot Excellent service and a very nice man

TampaFL33607 27.98-82.48

Map of Tampa, FL 33611

Excellent service as always — Follow-up systems maintenance went superbly!

Review of Hot 2 Cold

Great service check!

TampaFL33611 27.8825-82.49

Map of Tampa, FL 33637

Excellent service!

Review of Hot 2 Cold

We have been with your company for a while as customers, the reason being your professionalism and loyalty to your customers. Geraldo exemplifies that commitment. Geraldo was on time, very professional, and very knowledgeable with a very pleasant demeanor. Thank you again for the great service and keep doing what you’re doing. Great company.

TampaFL33637 28.0225-82.3675

Map of Tampa, FL 33607

Excellent service. Will use again

Review of Hot 2 Cold

I called on a Sunday at 8:30pm and my call was quickly returned and they told me someone will be at my house the next morning between 8-10. They showed up at 8:00 and fixed and cleaned my unit. Everything was great

TampaFL33607 27.98-82.48

Map of Tampa, FL 33647

Best of the Best!!

Review of Hot 2 Cold

I've been a home owner in the state of Florida since 2008 and have had my fair share of A/C companies out to our home. I have never, in all my years of home ownership, come across the level of professionalism, dedication, knowledge, and experience as with Brennan from Hot 2 Cold. Brennan is as experienced as they get....and then some. He identifies issues very quickly, gets to the root of the problem, and explains things in a way that is easy to understand. In addition, he goes out of his way to ensure my needs as a client are met. I can say one will touch my A/C system other than Brennan from Hot 2 Cold. He is literally the ONLY A/C professional in our area that I trust.

TampaFL33647 28.155-82.325

Map of Tampa, FL 33602

Excellent service

Review of Hot 2 Cold

Service top notch. Reliable, honest and available. Cannot say a negative thing about technicians or service.

TampaFL33602 27.955-82.4625

James T.

James T.

Today we visited because the ac unit wasn’t keeping the home cool. We learned the unit was frozen and low on refrigerant (R-410a). The unit has a leak in the evaporator coil and we learned when it was replaced in 2018 the supply plenum was not properly modified for adequate airflow. James and Mr. Shamblin discussed the different ways to address the issue from complete replacement to only adding refrigerant to see how long it would last. Mr. Shamblin decided it is best to perform the repairs and replace the indoor coil. We will reconnect with Mr. Shamblin when the parts have arrived to arrange the return trip to perform the repairs. In order to provide immediate relief James charged the unit with refrigerant.

Near Pointeview Dr, Tampa, FL 33611
Corey B.

Corey B.

Upon arrival unit Was freeze check all connection wire and pressure I didn’t find the reason was freeze up. Unit is running temperature is 71.

Near Gunn Hwy, Tampa, FL 33625
Corey B.

Corey B.

Mini split pump is down. The rest of the pumps are leaking. Need to order for pumps in order for the systems to be operating correctly.

Near N Ashley St, Tampa, FL 33602
Brennan  G.

Brennan G.

Brennan G Today I found the drain line was clogged and loose coupling was causing the water to drip onto the floor. I cleared the line and replaced the old section of drain pipe that had loose and unglued couplings. I also added a drain line access for regular treatment. The system is now cooling, I offered to buy back todays repairs if decided to move forward with any if the duct replacements (60days). I will also discuss with Wayne if there are any other discounts we can give for the duct replacement estimates

Near Schooner Way, Tampa, FL 33615
Corey B.

Corey B.

Upon arrival found two unit drain line clogged found water in the emergency pan. Empty the water shop vacuum added drain solve and wait till water drain properly.

Near Hemingway Cir, Tampa, FL 33602
Corey B.

Corey B.

Leveled RTU’s sealed them up. They are draining properly.

Near Harbor Village Ln, Apollo Beach, FL 33572
Brennan  G.

Brennan G.

Brennan G I visited today to inspect the system before a county inspection is preformed and the system looks good to go.

Near W Trilby Ave, Tampa, FL 33616
Brennan  G.

Brennan G.

Brennan G Today I visted for an inspection of the downstairs system. The refrigerant charge is good, I preformed a visual leak search and did not notice any signs of refrigerant leaks. I cleared the drain lines for both systems and removed a substantial amount of debris from the downstairs units drain line. Both systems seem to be operating normally at this time. I suggested that if the system is low on charge again we need to do a leak search before adding refrigerant.

Near Sombra St, Tampa, FL 33619
Corey B.

Corey B.

Help installers bring down unit and put new unit on roof

Near Jennings Bay Ct, Tampa, FL 33611
Corey B.

Corey B.

Customer had a concern on why unit was over cooling, home is an older block home, with original 5ft windows. Plus high humidity.

Near W Peninsular St, Tampa, FL 33603